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IMHO prohibition sentiment requires inherent addiction to status quo, an incapacity to visualise beyond the here and now and a desperate desire to know others might feel the same... Reform is not revolutionary, rather it is evolutionary. Having survived banging your head against a brick wall the evolutionist relishes having stopped. / Blair

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Richard Branson, Caroline Lucas & Anne-Marie Cockburn on October 30th UK...

Blair Anderson
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Friday, September 05, 2014

Vote for Class D

If smoking cannabis is not such a big deal, how can merely helping people obtain it justify locking anyone in a cage for years, or taking their house and other property premised on prohibition's marginal risk, or deny the ethical right to adult consensual behaviour by use of covert and overt force.

Ending marijuana prohibition as the m...
Ending marijuana prohibition as the most popular vote on 

Vote for Class D, if anyone has the balls to call it.

Blair Anderson
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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Womens Health and Wellbeing "Buggered By Cannabis Law"

Womens Health and Wellbeing "Buggered By Cannabis Law" says advocate for political resolution.

The researchers stress that marijuana and alcohol are associated with unique adverse outcomes in teens. Outcomes differ by sex and race/ethnicity, and perception or experience of adverse outcomes may also be related to legal status and associated stigma.

Public health interventions may be more effective by focusing on prevention and harm reduction strategies for these drug-specific outcomes."We hope that the findings of this study will contribute to the ongoing debate on marijuana policy and its perceived harm when compared to alcohol," concluded Dr. Palamar.

see Womans Health and Wellbeing "buggered by cannabis law" in the report at

These sure are "unique adverse outcomes" - regular users caught in proportion to posession risk, a direct function of zero tolerance policing? under law.. 

Consider too the supply chain in New Zealand, largely friendly networks where Growers are at 100% risk, and perceptions of law 100% alienated.

Whereas: Cannabis consumers make good friends!
Alcohol consumers need to "Hang on to their mates!" (Canterbury District Health Board, Community and Public Health Poster) 

This research sure makes a mockery of the longheld attitude within Healthy Christchurch, clearly inconsistent with 'all voices at the table' Ottawa Charter principles. 

Perhaps the authors comments on cannabis and its social ecology, adverse consequences and disabled health promotion has a higher relevance now. 

Time to source and distribute some reality drug education to all New Zealand political candidates.... especially the ones who profess to care about the youth, who on this issue seemingly are happy we are doing enough! 

Journalistic 'devils advocates' have long shaped the political dialog. [Hone's about turn questioned? Good lord media, is alcohol advertising paying your wages?]

Med Pot doesn't do justice to the argument. Emotionally yes, but the harms remain. This is the Justice to administer 'honestly' and the failure to resolve it, is the f'email/male scandal of the century. We should equally be embarrassed.... 'the stigma' and negative association with mental health is a travesty. 

Although cannabis users did not differ from other substance users in terms of positive psychotic symptoms, multivariate analysis revealed that they were significantly younger, less likely to use alcohol above safe limits, more likely to be of Black or Asian ethnicity, more likely to be noncompliant with antipsychotic medication, and had fewer negative symptoms than other substance users.

For the price of a free lunch, we could have best practice education and restore Labour's Class D 'all drug policy' -Restricting substances [regulations] are the required bottom line for heralding good governance, social stability and economic conservatism, without which our reality post 20th Sept will be a somnambulistic cactus cake.

Class D is the Stuff of Social Capital! The research is in, it is exonerative.

We have a choice, Stay Sick or Get Well Soon.

Social Ecology and Public Health

Blair Anderson
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Piss or get off the Pot Mr Key!

Christchurch STUFF debate, PRESS Editor calls JK  on rebuilding community

John Key called out the Editor of the Christchurch Press when she said of the re-build projects that four years down the line we have a [partly] completed riverside track.... Key retorted referencing the four page advertorial to be published prior to election day saying how well we (Brownlee et al) are doing... while RNZ did rightly question the probity of this being electoral advertising I have another spin on it that wasnt asked at the Christchurch ( online debate) event last night.

English: John Key at the reopening of City Mal...
English: John Key at the reopening of City Mall in Christchurch on 29 October 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Perhaps Mr Key would like to address himself to the two page oped on page 6 of the "Escape" lift out published the same day (Monday 1st Sept) headlined "Weed AND wildflowers" exploring in journalistic delight the merits of Colorado's recent experience with legal cannabis.

Writer Colin Covert's (is that a pseudonym?) by-line is "Marijuana tourism is a budding industry in Colorado after recreational cannabis use was legalised."

"Colorado:where prohibition ends and the fun begins" reads one of the advertisements in this travel section.

Where do I book my tickets many will be thinking.
Others of course will be thinking, like this writer "And where the hell is the political debate here?"
Didn't Jim Anderton/Helen Clark legalise recreational soft drug use in 2008?
Didn't it become the LAW the very day Key became Prime Minister?
When is that question going to be debated on the hustings?
Ether soft drugs are a problem or they are not...
Piss or get off the Pot Mr Key!

Blair Anderson
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Logging Off

Canterbury's finest of to make building ply.
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Dunne the Insignificant

English: Peter Dunne
English: Peter Dunne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dunne, who on less and less votes and insignificant recognition in recent polls, lead and then abandoned his vain attempt to reconcile his Drug Tzar label and his need to succeed [at something] after announcing his world class regulation of psychoactives. He was flogging a dead horse. No good will come of any drug by drug approach that insulates alcohol and marginalises 500,000 kiwi cannabis consumers. Drug by Drug [vs All Drug policy] is utterly necessary to ensure cannabis stay where it is. It is also inconsistent with the nations guiding document on drug policy, aptly named the "National Drug Policy" which was a world first in its liberal thinking and proposing that best practice [public health] would be found in the holistic vision of an ALL DRUG (inc legal ones) policy trajectory... later endorsed by the Law Commission.
Peter Dunne ruined all that when he struck down the "Restricted Substances Regulations 2008" in favour of his dog's breakfast, PSA!
For that reason he should be forgotten, let alone honoured.

Blair Anderson
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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Justice, Health or Social Issue.... Cannabis Policy up for Grabs.

An advertisement distributed by the Federal Bu...
An advt:  Federal Bureau of Narcotics in 1935
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently the meme of political rhetoric surrounding cannabis has been  harm minimisation as opposed to abstinence being the most useful way of supporting those in our community 'for whom Marijuana use is problematic'.  (note use of perjorative terminology 'marijuana')

What then of the bulk of cannabis use that is not problematic?
Is this to remain 'criminal' and if so, Why?

Are Politicians aware that the Christchurch Longitudinal Health and Development Study shows that 4:5 in the surveyed demograph have used cannabis MORE than five times. (announced at Healthy Christchurch meeting, Baptist Church just before Sept 1010 earthquakes. ref: Dr Jo Boden)

Should everyone of Childbearing age be urine tested for 'criminal' behaviours? Or is this to be another law in name only that still discharges responsibility for quality control and age of consent to be administered by the illicit networks?

Would such a decriminal status be worse or better than legally regulated PSA?

How does decriminalised cannabis improve 'all drug policy' [inc alcohol] ? and why have we never done a policy impact statement for the options before us (including the status quo)?

It looks as though this subject IS going to be an election issue. It is one that defines who can think 'best practice' and who is going to cowtow to prohibitionist thinking.

Blair Anderson
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Keeping Cannabis On The Boil,

Hi Brian, thanks for your better stories on cannabis. (see 

Brian Rudman: Hulse keeping marijuana reform pot on the boil

Better than the Police who continue to be confounded by this issue...  I was at the Health Select Committee meeting when Assoc Commish. Holyoak told the MP's that Police would have no objection to 'decriminalisation' (what ever he meant by that).

Subsequently, I had my hand all over the "declassification"  or Class D "Restricted Substances Regulations 2008" that became law the day John Key became Prime Minister.  I was the guy who told the committee HOW to make the crucial change. By Order in Council.   Which is what happened. (despite United Future doing everything it could to stop it)   As the law was being gazetted during the 2008 election it went unnoticed.
Potential harm of commonly used drugs based on...
Potential harm of commonly used drugs based on a study by David Nutt, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No political pundit, journalist, commentator or morally afflicted MP spoke against the gazetting or the adoption of  Assoc Health Minister, Hon Jim Anderton's (actually it was Helen Clark's 'partial prohibition') before or AFTER. It became law. The schema was acknowledged as being 'World Class' by the likes of Professor David Nutt and others.  It was later when Dunne's PSA became law, deleting Class D,  that Dunne used that 'accreditation' as if it was his own, and of his initiative. It was not. PSA was destined to fail, not because of lack of political will,  rather it was never a harm reduction law in  the first place.   Harm reduction required an ALL drug policy response... PSA was a perverse 'drug by drug' reversal of that best practice  schema (see National Drug Policy circa 1996).  If you want to know more on this you can  ph me on 021823647 

I'll leave you with this little homily.... if cannabis was substituted where ever alcohol or tobacco was used it would add, on average, 24 years to an individual 'consumer of legals'  life expectancy.   Even if this estimate is out by a factor of ten.... And there is good reason to believe it is not, cannabis seen in this light is 'medical use'.  That is why the wording of the explanatory note in the restricted substances regulation was quite specific about.'psychoactive recreational use' and harms being relative, rather than absent. And that was what was "world first'.. Not Dunne's 'taking the credit' where it wasn't due.   

Blair Anderson
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